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The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club (UDFSC) is a 501c(3) corporation based at the Fred Rust Ice Arena and is not affiliated in any way with The University of Delaware. All activities undertaken by the UDFSC are solely under the auspices of the UDFSC and are not in any way connected or related to The University of Delaware. All business relating to UDFSC must be brought to the board of directors.
The Gardens Figure Skating Club has asked us to share this with you. They are looking for skaters who took lessons from the late Bobbe Shire to participate in a tribute number. All details would be available through their contact.
Their letter is below:
Hello Skaters:                                                                     
On Friday October 6th at 4:30pm, The Gardens Ice House will be holding a Regional Send-off kicking off the competitive season. At the conclusion of this event, there will be a tribute performance in recognition of our friend Bobbe Shire. 
I will be organizing a short piece with anyone who took spinning lessons from Bobbe that would like to participate. It will be like her spinning clinic set to music. Please don’t be concerned with the choreography being too difficult to master - it will be mostly spins (the 5 steps, etc.). 
There is a one hour rehearsal the day before on Thursday Oct. 5th at 3:30 - 4:30 at Laurel. This time was a guess on my part as to when skaters might be available as well as to ice time availability. If you can’t make this rehearsal and would still like to participate on Fri., I can put you in for the last spin sequence. The staff and management of The Gardens Ice House have thoughtfully arranged for this tribute. It may be a good time to get together and remember our teacher, colleague and friend for her contributions to the sport and art of figure skating. 
If you would like to participate please contact Lexi Nara-Yoshimura at If you won’t be able to participate you don’t need to reply. Also if you do participate and have lessons scheduled during that time, please plan accordingly. 
Our regional competitors have been working hard all year, so come help us cheer them on! Then we can take a moment or two to remember Bobbe. Sincerely, 
Tim Murphy 
PS Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might like to come.
8:20 AM and 9:05 AM Sunday am

All sessions are in the Rust Arena unless otherwise noted.  See you there!

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Adult Gold Ladies II Freeskate

1st Heather Hilgar

2nd Julie Pietraszko

Championship Adult Dance

2nd Michelle Daichman (Washington FSC) and Andrejs Sitiks (UDFSC)

Adult Bronze Ladies III

1st Deborah Boyer

Masters Dramatic Entertainment IV & V

1st Jerry Santoferrara

Adult Pre-Gold Solo Dance

First Dance

1st Julie Pietraszko

Second Dance

2nd Julie Pietraszko

Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment III

3rd Deborah Boyer

Masters Light Entertainment IV & V

1st Jerry Santoferrara

Adult Gold Light Entertainment II

2nd Julie Pietraszko

Adult Gold Dramatic Entertainment II

3rd Heather Hilgar

USFS Synchronized Skating National Championships:

3rd Team Delaware Masters

2017-2018 Membership Fees 
(Effective with June 1st enrollment period)

Introductory membership $78
Home Club $132
Additional Home Club family member $78
Collegiate four year membership $264
Associate membership $84
Additional Associate family member $54

An email has been sent to all members outlining this change.  

Congratulations to Emmanuel Savary,representing Team USA, winning GOLD Medal at the Triglav Trophy in Jesenice, Slovenia!!

Check out the story at  website !!
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The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club (UDFSC) was chartered in January 1986. The UDFSC is dedicated to supporting skaters and the sport of figure skating in association with the United States Figure Skating (USFS) and the University of Delaware's High Performance Figure Skating Center.